Adhesives & Coatings


Since 1999 adhesives & coatings have been the core of the company's development know-how. The best materials are trimmed to the ideal specification using the latest technology. In addition to our standard product range, you can obtain variations or individual products on request, starting from small quantities.
AP Epoxy-based Universal Adhesive

Content: 25 Milliliter (from €25.60* / 100 Milliliter)


AP Acrylat-based Universal Adhesive

Content: 25 Milliliter (from €27.60* / 100 Milliliter)


Jewelry Adhesive CG 500

Content: 100 Milliliter

from €10.02*

Jewelry Adhesive CG 610

Content: 50 Milliliter


Statikmischer für 1:1 Klebstoffkartuschen, 10 Stk, helix
UNIVERSAL: the mixing nozzles are suitable for all standard 25 ml and 50 ml 1:1 cartridges from AP and many other manufacturers (Henkel, Loctite, Weicon, Würth, Berner, etc.)MATERIAL SAVING: with a waste volume of 1.04 ml, compared to the green Quattro design, 1.56 ml less waste per dosing processFINE DOSING TIP: the dosing tip allows for precise and targeted material application. For higher viscous materials, this can be enlarged by a simple cut.OPAQUE MIX: the mixing behaviour is comparable to the high-volume quattromixer and can also be ideally captured by the transparent side view.Technical data: 16 mixing elements, 4.2 mm inner diameter, 1.04 ml volumeBox contents: 10 mixing tubes + AP application tips

Content: 10 Stück (from €0.75* / 1 Stück)