for the use of Ceralun.

Here you will find aids like our test pen for checking the surface tension (important for a good bond) or release agents for working with molds, for example.
Oberflächenspannungstester Surface Tension Test Pen
The Test Pen is an instrument for analysing surface tension on any non-porous or non-absorptive material. It is of inestimable value for developing excellent adhesive properties. At interfacial tensions of less than 38 mN / m decreased adhesion may occur on some material surfaces. The test pen is suitable for all development processes in which fast and reliable measurements of surface tension are expected. A clean test surface is necessary for a reliable result, as grease or oil residues falsify the result.

Ceralun Release Agent
The Release Agent JS 175 is developed for Ceralun production.Further it is designed to an optimum that there is not only an excellent releasing effect against the mould, but also the adhesion to the stone is as less as possible reduced.The composition of this product is physiological completely harmless. All used components are from highest purity without any physiological reduction.

Content: 0.1 Liter (€416.50* / 1 Liter)