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Our spray and paint is the perfect combination for maximum effectiveness and prevention - without harmful chlorine. In the first step Ag+ mold spray removes mold in the best possible way, in the second step Ag+ paint prevents new mold infestation by using a very efficient microsilver technology.
Ag+ Anti-mould Spray
Content: 600 mL

Content: 0.6 Liter (€21.58* / 1 Liter)

from €12.95*
Ag+ Anti-mould Paint
Content: 1 L

from €14.40*
Ag+ Anti-mould Spray
Content: 2,5 L

Content: 2.5 Liter (€10.39* / 1 Liter)

from €12.95*
Ag+ Anti-mould Paint
Content: 5 L

Content: 5 Liter (€11.39* / 1 Liter)

from €14.40*


Here you will find tips and information about mold and mold removal.

Good air quality is the basis for a healthy and pleasant indoor climate. Unfortunately, the air in our living spaces often does not meet these requirements. A common problem is excessive humidity which quickly leads to mold growth. Mold can not only cause allergies, but also serious respiratory and lung diseases. Therefore, quick countermeasures and preventive actions are very important.

I. What is mould and what causes its growth

II. How can I prevent mould?

III. How can I get rid of mould?

I. What is mould and what causes its growth?

Molds are grayish, green or black coatings on organic materials (e.g. walls) formed by certain types of fungi. These fungi usually enter our living spaces through the air in the form of spores (reproductive organs of the fungi). If ideal conditions prevail there, the fungus can settle and multiply - mold develops. Ideal conditions for mold are characterized primarily by the following 3 components in descending relevance:

  • high humidity (over 70 %)
  • Nutrients
  • Temperature (fluctuations)

Humidity is the most important factor: The more the better for mold. Moisture is formed daily in large quantities, especially by washing clothes, showering, washing dishes and exhaling. The moisture is initially stored in the warm air, but if the air cools down quickly, the vapor condensates and settles in the cold places in the room. Condensed water is the main cause of mold growth and should therefore be avoided. However, in some rooms - such as the bathroom or the basement - moisture and temperature fluctuations are often difficult to prevent.

Nutrients: The fungi needs organic material to grow. They can get their nutrients from almost every material and are very undemanding:

  • Wood, chipboard
  • Wallpaper and wallpaper paste
  • paper, cardboard
  • Adhesives, silicones, rubber, plastics
  • paints, varnishes
  • Leather and fabrics
  • Concrete, cement

Even materials that are free of any nutrients (e.g. glass) can become a breeding ground for mold if dirt, dander, dust, hair or similar substances are deposited on them.

Temperature: Most mold species can grow at a wide range of temperature. The temperature optimum for rapid growth is usually between 25 to 55 °C. Below or above this temperature range, mold growth is very slow or not possible at all.

II. How can I prevent mould?

As already mentioned, an organic substrate (nutrients), high humidity (above 70 percent) and temperature fluctuations are prerequisites for mold growth. In this regard, a reduction in humidity is probably the simplest and most effective preventive measure against mold. This can be done, for example, by regular ventilation or a dehumidifier. In addition, strong temperature fluctuations within the living spaces should be avoided in order to prevent condensation. For example, all rooms should  be heated constantly - even during winter. 
If it is not possible to reduce humidity or prevent temperature fluctuations, the substrate has to be turned into an inhabitable area for fungi. For the preventive treatment of house walls, wood or wallpaper, the anti-mould paint from Ag+ is suitable. With the innovative use of nano-silver, the paint creates a mold-unfriendly environment. Quickly, effectively - and most importantly - long-lasting. The silver ions in the paint kill the mold spores and thus prevent them from multiplying.

5 tips to avoid mold:

1. regular airing: It is best to open several windows at the same time once in the morning and in the evening for 5 minutes (do not tilt) in order to conduct the humid air outside with the draught. Always ventilate immediately after showering or cooking. Continuous ventilation should also be avoided, otherwise the rooms will cool down too much.

2. heat evenly: if possible, heat all living rooms to avoid temperature differences. Keep rooms that cannot be heated closed.

3. use dehumidifiers: Dehumidifiers can be useful for constantly humid rooms, as they remove excess moisture from the room air. Humidity should never exceed 70% in living spaces.

4. correct position of furniture: in case of cool external walls, it is advisable to choose a greater distance from the furniture (at least 10 cm), so that the air can circulate better and cold air does not accumulate behind the furniture.

5. problematic places: For places where tips 1 - 4 cannot be applied or do not help, it is suitable to use anti-mold paint, which effectively prevents mold growth.

III. How can I get rid of mould?

Removing mold can be very difficult. Only short-term results can be achieved with household remedies such as alcohol or vinegar. Vinegar kills the existing mold due to the change in pH value, but since vinegar is an organic compound, it also provides food for new mold spores. The disadvantage of Alcohol is the fast evaporation in high concentrations. It evaporates again very quickly and thus - even after repeated use - is not a long-term solution to a mold problem.
Therefore, the best solution is the use of  anti-mold agents. The anti-mold effect of most products is based on the active ingredient chlorine. However, this poses a health risk due to the toxic reaction residues (highly toxic chlorine gas can be produced) and can also lead to a long-lasting unpleasant odor.

That is why our products are based on hydrogen peroxide. It is characterized by its harmless reaction products - water and oxygen. Therefore, Ag+ is perfect for the use in the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. Moreover, the spray can be used on all materials without damaging them, due to its material friendly properties.

To support a long-lasting effect, the spray can be complemented with Ag+ anti-mold paint, which prevents the re-growth of mold with active  silver ions.  Despite treatment wtih anti-mold-products it often comes to a re-growth of mold. Compared to commercially available mold removers, you can save money with the combination of both products (spray and paint) on the longterm.  

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