Ag+ Anti-mould Paint


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Product number: SW10012.2


  • Sustainable protection against mould thanks to study-proven silver micro-technology. 
  • Photocatalytic breakdown of everyday pollutants in the air and ozone through the use of special metal oxides. 
  • No unpleasant chlorine odour. 
  • 100% pure white emulsion paint thanks to colour-stabilised silver.  
  • Remove existing mould with Ag+ mould spray. 

Ag+ paint

Maximum long-term performance - without chlorine.

How it works.

The active ingredient is a special high-performance silver compound that forms agglomerates on the wall, which release silver ions when exposed to moisture (graphic).

These act actively against bacteria, germs and above all mould. In addition, the formulation contains metal oxides for photocatalytic degradation of ozone and everyday air pollutants (e.g. composite wood emissions, flooring emissions, smoke, urban air or combustion residues in the kitchen). photocatalytic effect is well researched and in literature.

  • Sustainable protection against mould 
  • Photocatalytic breakdown of pollutants 
  • useful for preventive applications

Range of application

The paint is designed for interior. However, the application on wood and other materials is also possible.


If mould is present, first remove it with Ag+ mould remover. Make the usual preparations for painting. Stir the paint thoroughly and dilute the paint with max. 10% water, if needed. Apply the paint like any other paint with a brush or by a roller in a reasonable thickness, wait approx. 7h and repeat the process. The paint is tintable with all common colouring additives.


Many of the anti-mould colours on the market contain harmful chlorine. We not only do without chlorine, but we improve indoor air to a high degree by using special metal oxides that break down ozone and everyday air pollutants.

So purely preventative use is just as extremely useful.

The colour is not subject to labelling on the GHS side and has no unpleasant chlorine odour.

Biocide registration number: N-87309Active ingredients: 100g contains 0.02g silver phosphate glass; other ingredients: Dispersion paint.
Use biocidal products with care. Read label and product information before use.

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